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Kitty Kat Chapter 8 and 9
Chapter 8
(I figured why not write a 'Tina point of view' ^^)
  I sat at the table looking at the two boys. "Well like I already told you she wants space." They just glared at me as if this was my fault.
Josh took a deep breath before yelling at me. "If it wasn't for you, she wouldn't have left in the first place!"
  "Now wait one second! She wouldn't have left if she didn't find out, and guess who the one who told her is!" I yelled back at him
Jon raised his hand to silence us, "It's our fault for keeping it from her in the first place-"
  I quickly interrupted, "She was supposed to find out by herself, that's what we promised!"
  "It's too late to think about that now. What we have to think about is how to help Kat!" Josh shot back.
  "Yeah when she's not even here…" Jon thought aloud.  
  "Yes, that is a problem." I agreed
  "Well, let's go get her!" Josh stood up, and I grabbed his
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not outlineded yet by inuchanshottie2 not outlineded yet :iconinuchanshottie2:inuchanshottie2 0 9 Broken heart line art by inuchanshottie2 Broken heart line art :iconinuchanshottie2:inuchanshottie2 4 4 Neksumi -Time skip by inuchanshottie2 Neksumi -Time skip :iconinuchanshottie2:inuchanshottie2 0 0
Kitty Kat chapter 7
Chapter 7                             
“Josh!” I screamed but not angry, more of a sign of help. My hands wrapped around the sides of my face. Pain shot through me as the inside of me felt like it was being tugged.
I, as myself, concentrated on getting my body back from Tina. I screamed as I hit a wall, falling on the ground. Tina was out of my body.
My eyes flared, still yet tears were falling from them.
Josh tried to come near me with help, but I pushed him down.
“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” I cried in anger.
My hands balled into fist. I strained to get up, and the pain became stronger. When I finally came to my legs I leaped out the bedroom window landing on all fours.
I looked up to the window, and Josh was there. He looked agitated yet still concerned. I saw hi
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Kitty Kat chapter 6
Chapter 6(back 2 Kat point view)
  I kissed him back surprised at my reaction; I never wanted to let him go. I wanted to stay like this forever, till I remembered he wasn’t mine
“Thank you josh, but you should know you were already forgiven.” I said with a smile as the kiss ended. He nodded and smiled back. He pulled me back up on my feet, and I couldn’t stop smiling. “Love you josh.”
I wobbled at first when I began walking to the stairs, he just laughed. I kept wobbling into to Tina’s room; I finally stopped when I got to the bed. I smiled and flopped down on the bed. I was like that till my eyes found their way to dreamland.
The dream was confusing it started with a little girl and a little boy. The boy came to the girl with a few pulled daises; she smiled as she took them. After she smelled them she gave him a hug, and they walked into a field with their hands holding tight together.
I saw myself standing there smiling at the cute scene I
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Kitty Kat chapter 5
Chapter 5
JOSH’S POINT OF View for chapter 4
(If you don’t want to read it SKIP lol KK^^)
“Where are they, they been gone the whole night?” I said angrily as I paced around the room. Jon gave me this weird look, as he was sitting at his usual spot at the table. “What are you looking at?! Cant I worry out of my mind about where my girlfriend went?!”
“I didn’t say anything.” He had this amusing smile on his face then seconds later his face became completely serious. “Are you sure you’re not worried about Kat too?”
“Of course I’m worried about Kat too!” I walked into the kitchen and stood next to him.
“I think you like Kat” I had a surprised look on my face as he continued, “I mean, how who look at her… is different than how you look at Tina. You now I’m right, I am your big brother I think I know you more than you even know yourself.” I sat down in the chair across from him, to think
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Kitty Kat chapter 4
Chapter 4
We woke up early and got dressed it wasn’t dawn yet, but every detail had to be perfect and Tina made it that way.
We left in a different direction; of course I had to lead. There where 2 ways to getting back to the house and this time we took the short way. We finally arrived at the big house, as we walked through the door slowly are fingers held together perfectly matched. I didn’t have to practice a lot on my “Tina acting”; it was easy; it was like 2nd nature to me. I put on Tina’s naturally seducing face, ready to have some fun. Josh was the first to see us; his mouth fell wide open at how alike we were. Jon came soon after with the same expression, my sister and I laughed simultaneously.  I walked over to Josh, while Tina walked to Jon.
Tina acted as her usual self like nothing was different, “Why hello Jon.” Their faces relaxed and I saw from the corner of my eye her signal to me, inside her I could feel hunger for pain and c
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Kitty Kat chapter 3
Chapter 3
My sister’s name is Kattrina, she’s my twin. She left many years ago for reasons unknown, just like my 2 childhood friends, Jon and Josh. I recently was found by them, apparently, and was taken here to Jon and Josh’s grandparents’ house. Where we played when we where young, back then we were always together. Though around the beginning of third grade that’s when everything fell apart. I lost my sister my two best friends and was forced to start anew.
Thankfully I met 2 kids at my school and we instantly became best friends, their names were Chris and Jesta. Sadly I wasn’t thinking about them right now, I actually forgot about Jesta and Chris. The only thing I had on my mind was my sister and my two childhood friends.
“So what do you think?” Jon asked as he looked toward the house. “It took us a while to get it just right; I think we did a good job actually.” He then turned and looked at me.
“It looks just how it did when
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Kitty Kat chapter 2
Chapter 2
I opened my eyes and I couldn’t stand to move, my heart ached too much to move.
That dream it was the worst dream I ever had…I mean my sister wouldn’t give up on me… right? I could feel my chest burn with pain, this morning I was happy and in a matter of hours I feel worse than I had before.
  Huh, what’s that noise? People, no it’s a person, on a phone?
“So this is her she looks so sad up close, so this is yours now I’m guessing.”
I turned my head toward the man who was talking, “holy!”. He looked dark, but some how human he was kind of cute, to tell you the truth. He had long beautiful dark red hair, and he wore simple jeans and a black shirt. He’s eyes where the best of his appearance, they were a handsome shade of brown with a tad of dark red, I couldn’t look away from them.
“Crap, ha, you scared the heck out of me, oh not you the girl, yes she’s awake. Ha, to tell you the truth she looks
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Kitty Kat chapter 1
Chapter 1
The sound of a slamming door woke me up. I got up to look out my window and saw my sister running away angrily, she stops to turn around and look at me. The words she said I’ll never forget, “I love u ill come back for u, promise”, she said bye and started to run again. Since that day I’ve been waiting, waiting for her to come back to me, my best friend ….my sister.
“Kattina get up!” my mom yelled in toward my room though I was already on the other side of her. “Oh, now when did u get there Hun?”, I didn’t answer her as always, I never did talk to my parents since that night, I haven’t figured out why yet. She did as she always did and acted as if I did. “Silly me I always forget you’re so…so…” she stopped and walked away. Its not as if I didn’t love her I love her with all of my heart, but for some reason I just couldn’t talk to them anymore. I felt so guilty not talking to her so witho
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Grandkids on Demand Ch. 14
Ch. 14 A Cabin Built for Two
"I can't believe she's gone. It was like she was here yesterday." Toga muttered sadly as he played with his food at the dinner table. He had been moping around since the dance contest three weeks ago.
Sesshomaru glared back at him with all the annoyance in his being. "You should have never bonded me to begin with." He growled out as he violently impaled his Kobe beef with his chop stick. He had become even more easily irritated since the competition.
"Keh, she freaked me out anyway." Inuyasha said with his mouth full of his food.
Sesshomaru only glared at his brother wishing to stick that stick through his throat.
"Can someone please pass the soba?" A meek voice squeaked.
Toga smiled kindly to the little human woman to his right and handed her what she asked for.
Sesshomaru looked at her from the corner of his eyes as she scooped a large helping of noodles to her plate. She should not be there anymore, his life was to be back normal now and yet there she wa
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Grandkids on Demand Ch. 13
Ch. 13 It takes Two
Hawtdog1's blog
Entry: Day 56
I know it's been a while since the last time I updated but I've been quite busy making sure my boy and daughter were still settling down well. The happy couple surprised me quite a bit. You see I've gotten them to take dance lessons and turns out that there's a competition coming up soon. They actually decided to try out for it! They'll win, I know they will. Wish us luck!

The large taiyoukai hissed this was the thirty-seventh time his feet were trampled on in the last thirty minutes.
Why was he doing this again…
"If you enter the contest and win, I promise I'll find someone to free you two from the spell in a matter of days."
His father always knew how to negotiate with anything. He was going to go in the contest but first they had to get through Jakotsu's boot camp. He sighed as he halfway listened to the feminine male ranting and went back to their beginning position in the dojo transf
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Gimme kiss by meago Gimme kiss :iconmeago:meago 9,364 773
Grandkids on Demand Ch. 10
Ch. 10 Who is She?
She just wanted to kick his ass. He was sitting there glaring at her as if she was the scum of the earth, although he was probably thinking that for real. She couldn't stand the overwhelming silence and the negative looks that she was getting from him. She had been back to full health three days ago and since then he had been giving her the silent treatment. Not that he ever talked much to begin with but she could really feel the frigid ice in his stair.
Kagome wanted to go after Toga as well, but since when has that been different. The dog set the spell back to how it was so that they were forced to be close once again.
"What the hell is your problem?" Kagome squealed cracking under the pressure. "I didn't do anything to you and if anyone should be angry, it should be me."
She crossed her arms as she heard him growl at her. Okay, so maybe he does have a right to be a little upset with her. She didn't mean to go overboard with her powers even though she couldn't do a
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Mature content
libra :icontlcreators:tlcreators 2 3
Mature content
Zorro :icontlcreators:tlcreators 2 5
What Luck Ch. 9
Ch. 9 Compromise
She struggled and tried to see who her captor was but something told her she knew just who it was. She was bought to the back door and then outside. As soon as she was released, she turned to glare at Sesshomaru who was now closing the door. He turned back to glare back at her and after a moment of silence he said coldly, “Go home, there is no reason for you to be here.”
Her glare intensified before she said calmly, “Excuse you.”
He then growled and said, “Go home.”
Kagome huffed then shrieked out as she turned to walk away, “I knew you were just being a bastard.”
Sesshomaru’s arm shot out and grabbed her wrist stopping her. She tried to pull away although she knew it was of no use. He slowly leaned down to her and growled, “What did you call me?”
Aggravated, her miko aura surrounded her and burned Sesshomaru’s hand. He took a few steps back and looked at his hand to see angry marks before looking to her.
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Grunge City Splatters by annadigiovanni Grunge City Splatters :iconannadigiovanni:annadigiovanni 26 5
Two Can Play It Ch. 4
Ch 4: Getting Even
Kagome came back to the room knowing that he would be there and waiting on her so that he could continue with his twisted way of having fun. He started a habit three days ago of waiting somewhere she couldn’t see him and as soon as she walked past his hiding spot, he would slap her butt hard. By the time she realized what happened, he ran back into his room and locked himself in. His favorite spot was behind the door but she was determined that he wasn’t going to get her today.
She opened the door slowly and looked in only to see him watching TV and drinking a soda while laying down on the couch looking as if someone threw him there with his head on the armrest with his hair loose and hanging off the couch. One arm traveled up and over the couch and the other with the remote in his hand hanging off. One leg was stretched across the cushions and the other was also hanging off. She quickly ran past him thinking that he was going to do as he always done
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.Lineart Tutorial. by Andoledius .Lineart Tutorial. :iconandoledius:Andoledius 5,759 640 Lineart Tutorial by gem2niki Lineart Tutorial :icongem2niki:gem2niki 2,394 220
A Wolf's Love
A Wolf’s Love
(two teens to wolves)
It was sometime after midnight and Blake heard the phone ring. Quickly picking up the phone, he answered with a very tired and groggy hello. “Hi Blake, this is Brenna ... you know, from school.” “Yeah I know, what’s up?” “Oh nothing I was just wondering if you had plans tomorrow night. There’s supposed to be a great band playing in the park. Maybe you want to go see them with me?” “Sure I would love to Brenna.” “Great call you later with the details.” “Ok, bye”. With that Blake hung up the phone and collapsed on his bed. He got under the covers and drifted off to sleep. The next morning he got up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. He got out a bowl and guzzled down the milk and then devoured the toasted bread. He was excited about the evening to come. He has had an eye for Brenna for some time now. She seemed so mysterious and like such a fun person to be around. He couldn&
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